Misoga: Zurich, Switzerland

When I miss Korean food, I go to this place img_8514called “Misoga” which is close to Kunsthause in Zurich.  One of my favorite dishes is Yukkejian. It is a bit spicy but when it’s snowing outside like now, it is a perfect dish to keep you warm. Normally they bring you some side dishes such as lotus roots and kimchi as a starter so you can try different tastes.


Restaurant Kaiser’s Reblaube_Goethe-Stübli: Zurich, Switzerland

On our anniversary, my husband took me to this place in Zurich. This restaurant is called “Restaurant Kaiser’s Reblaube_Goethe-Stübli“. It has seats on the ground and the second floor. We made a reservation at early time, so there were not so many guests arrived yet and could choose our seats. We decided to go for upstairs.

From a starter to a dessert, they were amazingly tasty and looked good. I would like to go there again for another occasion.






img_8028 img_8030


Blausee: Restaurant in Berner Oberland, Switzerland

One day, I saw the billboard for Blausee at the Solothurn photo 5station.
So my husband and I decided to go there spontaneously. Fortunately it was during the off-season so there were not so many people at the lake. Plus, it was a beautiful sunny day. The lake was literally blue and there were many trouts swimming and they seemed to be relaxed. Well, I am still hesitated to show the picture of the trout that I ate..but here it is. We also had a dessert. This was recommended by the gentleman working there.

Blausee Berner Oberland: http://www.blausee.ch/wb/pages/en/restaurants.php

Salzhaus: Restaurant in Solothurn

A friend of mine from Japan was traveling around in Europe and stopped by in Switzerland. One day we made a little walk in Solothurn and decided to have lunch in the city. Then we chose this restaurant called “Salzhaus Restaurant” by  Aare river.

The restaurant was furnished simple but the rock-like wall and the warm lights gave the atmosphere to it. It was a quiet and nice place. We took the same dishes: curry taste soup, fish, and the dessert. I had a very nice time over a good meal and hope he did the same.


photo 3-2

photo 1-2



Molino: Restaurant in Zermatt, Switzerland

When you are somewhere you are not familiar with, sometimesphoto 4 it is safe to go to the place you know because you know its quality or at least you know what to expect.

So, one day we were in Zermatt, Switzerland to see Matterhorn. It was on a public holiday, so there were less crowded, which was nice. But unfortunately most of the bakeries and the restaurants were closed. One of the restaurants that we normally go was also closed. So we started to look around. There were 2, 3 restaurants open but their prices of dishes were very expensive. Then there was this Italian Molino restaurant. We knew the name and went Molino in Zurich before, we decided to go to Molino Zermatt.

Vini: Restaurant in Solothurn

Today, after the first two exams done, I joined photoPhilipp and my husband for lunch. Our friend suggested us this place, “Vini.”  They offer The place of this restaurant is located close the river called Aare. The restaurant has some tables outside as well.  Normally I don’t eat meat much, but I was very hungry, so I decided to take this dish, Ragu.


The price was affordable and this came with some bread and salad. It looks like a small dish but it filled me quite well.

If you are around in Solothurn and don’t know where to eat, this can be your one of the options.



Creperie Kiosque in Zurich

Sometimes it’s nice to study at somewherephoto different. Today, I went to the city library in Zurich at 8:00 AM.

After grabbing a cup of coffee, and then off to the library!

My aim was to reach 3000 words for my school paper. Meanwhile, it was almost 13:00 PM.

To get some fresh air and to fill my empty stomach, I went outside and found this crepe stand just in front of the library.

I ordered the salty crepe with bacons, mushrooms, cheese and seasoned red cabbages. It was a bit pricy (for a student like me) but I enjoyed it.