Kyotosaryo: Cafe in Kyoto

When we arrived at the Kyoto station, this cafe caught our attentions immediately.

During our stay in Kyoto, there was the day that we needed to take a rest from the heat, so we took the opportunity to stop at this Japanese cafe called Kyotosaryo right at the station. They have mainly Japanese confectionary called wagashi and Japanese tea. They had four selected wagashi and their selections change every month according to the season.  We ordered these two wagashi with Hoji-cha (Hoji tea).



It is made from Kuzu and white koshi an inside.

Oimatsu (Kitano branch): (In Japanese, English & Korean)



It is made from muscovado sugar and the tsubu an inside.

Kameya Yoshinaga:

Kyoto Saryo: (In Japanese)

Cold Plate Kyomaccha Icecream Chasen: Cafe in Kyoto

What is special about this cafe?

They make the ice cream on a cold plate after they take the order from the customer.

image[4] image[6]

They second picture is called “Moffle”. It looks like a waffle, but it is made from rice floor. It was airy and the surface was a bit crunchy. We ordered one with sweet red beans.

Cold Plate Kyomaccha Icecream Chasen in Kyoto: (In Japanese)

Charcoal Roll Cake with Hojicha Cream : Cafe in Fukuoka

There are two kinds of Charcoal roll cake, IMG_4119one with Hojicha cream and another one with Maccha cream.

I wanted to try one with Maccha cream, unfortunately it was sold out. So I tried the Charcoal roll cake with Hojicha cream and Hoji tea.

It was very soft and was not so sweet, so it was light and right amount of sugar for after lunch.

If you happen to be in Fukuoka and are looking something tasty and different, you know where to go.

B1F, 1-7-11 Tenjin  Chuo Ward, Fukuoka, 810-0001, Japan

Quil fait bon: Cafe in Fukuoka: Japanese Persimmon Tart & Maccha Tiramisu Tart with Black Soybeans

Japanese Persimmon Tart & Maccha Tiramisu with Black Soybeans Tart. One of my long-time favorite cake shops in Fukuoka, Quil fait bon. Every each store has a special offering of about 30 different kinds of a tart and they are all seasonal.


Today my husband and I tried a Japanese Persimmon (Kaki) Tart and a Maccha Tiramisu with Black Soybeans Tart. Japanese Persimmon Tart was my choice. It had a bit of alcohol and this made it taste not too sweet. I think it was right amount in it.