The Royal Mile: Restaurant in Edinburgh

I was positively surprised at this special dish!IMG_2163

I have to be honest with you, I still don’t know what it was. But the taste was fantastic!

Only thing I know is that there were potatoes at the bottom of the layers.

The ambient inside was very nice and quiet. It is located at the royal mile.

The Fudge House of Edinburgh: Confectionery in Edinburgh

Have you ever tried a “Fudge”?IMG_2201

Well, it is my fist time to try the real fudge. I’ve had chocolate fudge ice creams, but the fudge itself is the first time.

It’s like a between chocolate and caramel. It’s sticky but not so much.

The store is gorgeous and all the fudges are  in the glass showcase windows. When we walked in, the friendly lady offered some trials with a big smile.