Rice Ball Wrapped with Soy Beans Curd

This is a light dinner when we don’t feel like IMG_6717eating too much and heavy foods. The meal for today is a vegetable rice ball wrapped with soy beans curd and a thick soy sauce base dip sauce. Rice is seasoned with soy sauce, sake, mirin, and mixed with small diced carrots, shitake, and bamboo. If you have burdock, it also takes good to include. A soy beans curd is also called “Yuba” in Japanese. When I visited Kyoto this March/April, I bought some dried ones, which can be stored for long time. It is a kind of specialty from there.

As a side dish, some small fish, shrimps, IMG_6716shells and beans, which are seasoned quite salty (soy sauce base) give a punch to relatively soft taste rice ball with soy beans curd.

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