Gnocchi with Asparagus Sauce & Bacon Asparagus

No it is high time for asparagus. In the supermarket whereimage-2 we often go, there were 1 kg of bundled asparagus on sale. Even though it was still expensive, if I didn’t buy it at discount, I thought I would not buy it at the normal price any time soon. So I took one bundle and continued shopping. Then we saw baskets, which contained older vegetables at a significant reduction in prices. There were one bundle of asparagus. These “older vegetables” didn’t look bad at all and I could still see the freshness inside the vegetables. So we decided to take these instead.

We haven’t had asparagus for a long time (mainly because the price is always high for asparagus in Switzerland), I was very happy to cook something with it. The first dish was simple: boiled asparagus with mayonnaise. The second one was bacon asparagus. The third was gnocchi with asparagus cream sauce.

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