Salzhaus: Restaurant in Solothurn

A friend of mine from Japan was traveling around in Europe and stopped by in Switzerland. One day we made a little walk in Solothurn and decided to have lunch in the city. Then we chose this restaurant called “Salzhaus Restaurant” by ¬†Aare river.

The restaurant was furnished simple but the rock-like wall and the warm lights gave the atmosphere to it. It was a quiet and nice place. We took the same dishes: curry taste soup, fish, and the dessert. I had a very nice time over a good meal and hope he did the same.


photo 3-2

photo 1-2



Ja-Ja Sauce with Rice

This is one of my favorite Chinese/Korean dishes of all. The photo 1black paste is made of black beans. When I cook this meal, I usually add diced bacon, onions, leeks, and Chinese cabbages and for seasoning, I add some sugar and miso paste to it. To finalize the dish, you mix potato starch and cold water together and add it into the pan. If you have cucumbers and pickled radish, it would taste better together with them, I think.