Molino: Restaurant in Zermatt, Switzerland

When you are somewhere you are not familiar with, sometimesphoto 4 it is safe to go to the place you know because you know its quality or at least you know what to expect.

So, one day we were in Zermatt, Switzerland to see Matterhorn. It was on a public holiday, so there were less crowded, which was nice. But unfortunately most of the bakeries and the restaurants were closed. One of the restaurants that we normally go was also closed. So we started to look around. There were 2, 3 restaurants open but their prices of dishes were very expensive. Then there was this Italian Molino restaurant. We knew the name and went Molino in Zurich before, we decided to go to Molino Zermatt.

Della Casa: Restaurant in Bern, Switzerland

One of the great restaurants in Bern is Della Casa in Bern, Switzerland. This restaurant is open since 1982 and the arrangement inside is a kind of homy and warm. They have also upstairs for a quite & romantic space.


photo 1

photo 5

Restaurant Della Casa:

Baked Lemon Cheese Cake

There are many different kinds of “cheese cakes”┬ásuch as New York cheese IMG_2754cake and gelatin cheese cake.

Today I baked one.

As you can see, the size is rather smaller than the standard,┬áso that even if we finish the cake within a day, we don’t need to feel too bad eating all up.

It tastes better if you cool it off a while.

A Bit of Homy Taste, Sushi

Sometimes I miss fish, so I decided to make sushi.

Once a year or so, there is a moment of “craving for fish”. Since I moved to Switzerland, I try not to eat fish nor meat, maybe once a week for meat and once a year for fish.

Besides the taste, I also enjoy making sushi with hands. The process of making maki sushi is like “crafting” and also I like to think how the combination of the tastes comes out to be.

Well, vegetables are missing for this meal..but at least this makes me happy! I will eat a lot of vegetables for dinner tonight.