Souffle Cheese Cake

I find cheese cakes to be quite heavy.image So I decided to make a souffle cheese cake instead. The difference between normal baked cheese cakes and this is that as soufflé says you whisk egg white and bake it with hot water to steam in the oven. At the end, when the cheese cake is cooled off, I brush some apricot jam on top.

It was supposed to be more airy and lighter, but unfortunately mine turned out to be not so puffy. I think it was because the temperature at the begging was too low. Next time, I need to be careful not to set it too low.

Ryori Ryokan Tsuruya: Restaurant in Kumamoto, Japan

One of our missions was to go and see “Inazumi cave” in Kumamoto. Since it is a bit far from Fukuoka, we decided to stay at this place called Tsuruya. This ryokan specializes in their dishes. They only make meals with regional vegetables, meat and fish except raw fu from Kyoto.

-Appetizer for dinner-




image[7] image[8] image[9]

Ryori ryokan Tsuruya: (In Chinese, English & Japanese)

Waka: Restaurant in Yame gun, Japan

This time, with our grand mother we came to this place called Waka restaurant which serves Japanese dishes.

Each room was isolated so that you have a privacy and quiet atmosphere. We had a room just in front of the little pond outside with Koi (a kind of fish: carp) in it.

This flower on the paper is morning glory. They bloom in summer.


The white triangle is white sesame tofu.

image[1] image[4]

Vegetables and see foods on a hot stone.




Half grilled squid coated with gelatin.


photo 1-6

Waka: there seems to be no website.

Tel: 0943-32-2290

Address: 福岡県八女郡広川町大字新代2391

Kyotosaryo: Cafe in Kyoto

When we arrived at the Kyoto station, this cafe caught our attentions immediately.

During our stay in Kyoto, there was the day that we needed to take a rest from the heat, so we took the opportunity to stop at this Japanese cafe called Kyotosaryo right at the station. They have mainly Japanese confectionary called wagashi and Japanese tea. They had four selected wagashi and their selections change every month according to the season.  We ordered these two wagashi with Hoji-cha (Hoji tea).



It is made from Kuzu and white koshi an inside.

Oimatsu (Kitano branch): (In Japanese, English & Korean)



It is made from muscovado sugar and the tsubu an inside.

Kameya Yoshinaga:

Kyoto Saryo: (In Japanese)

Cold Plate Kyomaccha Icecream Chasen: Cafe in Kyoto

What is special about this cafe?

They make the ice cream on a cold plate after they take the order from the customer.

image[4] image[6]

They second picture is called “Moffle”. It looks like a waffle, but it is made from rice floor. It was airy and the surface was a bit crunchy. We ordered one with sweet red beans.

Cold Plate Kyomaccha Icecream Chasen in Kyoto: (In Japanese)

Manshige: Restaurant at the Kyoto Station

image[1]When you don’t know  where to eat in the area, it’s very helpful if there are good restaurants at the station. Why I say so? Well because we didn’t know where to have dinner on the first day we arrived and it was getting later and later wondering around searching for a place to have dinner. Then we were at the underground restaurant district of Kyoto station, and went into one of the restaurants called Manshige.

Manshige (branch):


Kyoto station guide map:

Yubasen: Restaurant in Kyoto

On one of the Kyoto-visit days, we went to photothe Kiyomizu temple in Kyoto. On the way to the temple, there was this Yuba restaurant called Yubasen. Yuba is the film form of the fluid soy bean. When you boil the soy bean milk, it creates the film on the surface. It is said that it was brought from China to Japan, Kyoto during Kamakura period (1185-1333).

On the first floor, it is the restaurant and on the second floor, they make the Yuba so that they can serve you the fresh Yuba.

Mom, my husband and I took the same menu above.  It looks not so much, but when we left the restaurant, we were quite full.


Hiroshima fu Okonomiyaki: Restaurant in Hiroshima

It’s been a while since the last post. After the semester exams, my husband and I went to Japan to visit families and friends.

But now, here I am back in Switzerland powered by all the good food we had in Japan. I will be posting those food pictures, which I didn’t cook but had them in restaurants.

One day, we were in Hiroshima.

We were at Hiroshima station and decided to have dinner there. We were wondering around and looking for a place to eat, then found this place called “Yocchan.” The restaurant that serves one of the special foods, Hiroshima Okonomiyaki. Okonomiyaki is the Japanese non-sweet pancake with a lot of cabbage, flour, egg, baby leak, and meat or fish. What is special in Hiroshima is that they put noodles inside. My husband ordered one with sea food and I took one with oysters. They look quite big, and they were quite big size, but we finished them all.

image image[2]

If you happen to be or are planning to go there, this can be one of your meals in Hiroshima.