Vini: Restaurant in Solothurn

Today, after the first two exams done, I joined photoPhilipp and my husband for lunch. Our friend suggested us this place, “Vini.”  They offer The place of this restaurant is located close the river called Aare. The restaurant has some tables outside as well.  Normally I don’t eat meat much, but I was very hungry, so I decided to take this dish, Ragu.


The price was affordable and this came with some bread and salad. It looks like a small dish but it filled me quite well.

If you are around in Solothurn and don’t know where to eat, this can be your one of the options.


Creamy Potatoes

If I can choose between potato and rice, I definitely take rice.image But sometimes it’s not bad to try something else.

Today’s dinner is vegetarian mushroomy potato with fresh baby leek. This baby leek gives a bit of freshness to creamy potato, so it comes out not too heavy. Also one of the important seasoning is black pepper. Since I always avoid to use too much salt, I use more pepper (I still don’t know if it’s ok to use much black pepper, though,,).

Flower Doughnuts

Suddenly I was missing “Pon de Ring” imagedoughnut from Japanese doughnut chain stores called “mister Doughnut”. Usually I am more for baked sweets, but on the other day, I was craving for it, especially this particular kind of doughnuts. What I can say about this doughnut is that the texture of the dough is similar to sticky rice cakes and less sweet in general.

Note: Usually when it’s warm or hot weather, I don’t feel like eating deep fried doughnuts, but I had a reason for it. It had been cold and grey in Switzerland. Cold weather + Fried doughnuts = All is good! (Fried doughnuts are the equalizer.)


The ingredients for this flower doughnut are like usual doughnut and some sweet rice powder. Also I used the 100% natural sugar from sugar cane from Okinawa! This sugar makes it taste milder.

Since I put too much sweet rice powder, they came out to be quite heavy and chewy. Next time, I will put less powder and maybe I will add kinugoshi (silk) tofu to the dough, so that the texture of the dough comes out to be smoother and lighter (I hope). Will see.

Green Tea Muffins with White Chocolate Chunks

One of my favorite muffins is green tea muffins with white chocolate chunks.

If you have already tried Japanese green tea called maccha green tea, you know how it tastes like. It has a bitter taste and this bitterness goes well with white chocolate! As usual, I don’t add too much sugar nor butter. I try to use less of them.



Since I like muffins with crunchy outside and soft inside, I set the temperature of the oven a bit higher than normal, so that they create the crust. Then, I reduce the temperature too bake inside well.

Tomato in Jelly

This is the perfect healthy sweets for the summer: Tomato in Jelly!

Well,unfortunately  it’s been rainy and cloudy lately in Switzerland, but this is still one of the fresh desserts for coming hot summer.

My husband just couldn’t get used to the “sweet tomatoes”, which contradict with the taste he has in mind for tomatoes.

I’m used to this sweet tomato since it’s a lot more common to have it as a dessert in Japan.




If you want to try making them, you can:

1) get rid of tomato skins.

2) cook 1) with white wine, sugar, honey, and water until the tomato is well cooked.

3) prepare the jelly with some gelatin.

4) place the tomato in the glass and pour 3) and put it in the fridge for 5 hours or so.